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from 20 projects a year to 20 projects a month

Hello again Animation Fam. This past week was a blur!

How can I go from doing 20 projects a year to completing 20 projects a month? I can get the work. Not so sure about the team!

I'm experiencing problems I've never had before. I hired a handful of specialists off of Fiverr and Upwork. Copywriters, designers, video editors, virtual assistants, etc. It was an interesting mix of results. Some of the gigs worked out and exceeded my expectations, some disappointed. I like Fiverr WAY more as a short term resource for help, but I have a new, old problem- committing to a plan for my studio.🧑πŸ₯°

β€’ Project managers and Animation Producer: Reaching out to someone to help me run projects was a good move. I don't think I have the right person, though. I wonder if I need to pay higher rate or bring someone on 'full time'.πŸ€”Β 

β€’ Marketing and Paid Reach: I met with a couple of buddies who work in marketing yesterday and they shared something that blew my mind. We looked at what other explainer video shops are spending on PPC ads and they suggested that if I did the same that I could see a number of new customers arrive based on some conversion rates we toyed with. It was a fascinating exercise that showed me that (theoretically) my shop could pull in a dozen opportunities a month just from advertising. But guess what? I'm not ready! But it got me thinking- how would I build out my operations if I KNEW I could consistently get 5 to 10 projects a month. πŸ€”The wheels are really turning after seeing that.😍

β€’ ⚑⚑⚑I'm going to marshal my time and dollar resources to get on the calendar of others who are running animation companies. I'm starving for industry specific knowledge from owners who can point out how to create what I'm trying to build from a perspective of experience, instead of theory. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.πŸ˜ƒ

Anyone have any insights into ow can I go from doing 20 projects a year to completing 20 projects a month? I can get the work. Not so sure about the team!

How are you doing with this?

HELP!πŸ€” Anyone got the cure for One-Man Band Syndrome?

Is there anyone here running a shop with more than 3 people who started as a freelancer?

I caught the vision for my own animation studio after some success as a freelancer. My main problem now isn't attracting business into the shop- it's figuring out how to get it all done with fewer hours and less personal strain.πŸ€•

I've hired talent from Upwork, Fiverr and Craigslist with some success, but I'm still the bottleneck for all client contact and all my vendors; and of course, the bulk of the work still falls upon me to do.😞

Can anyone share their clues about exiting the land of the solopreneur?
β€’ Am I looking at higher fixed costs as I commit to infrastructure and semi-permanent talent?
β€’ Will an increase to my fixed costs lead to a need to close more jobs to pay for larger overhead?

I imagine that both are true, but I would love for someone who's on the other side of this speak to some specifics.

Who your first administrative hire?
β€’ Will a project manager be an expensive addition to the team?
β€’ A production assistant lend extra hands through the day?
β€’ A generalist to help prep files and make little revisions?

I feel like One-Man Band Syndrome is a common condition in our industry. If anyone has insights, tips or book recommendations to help me fully exit doing everything myself I'd be inordinately grateful.

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