Polina Minaeva

2d animator&director, studio founder
Hi everyone! I'm keen on 2d character animation with sophisticated aesthetics

Whaletales showcase

Β Hello and Happy Easter everyone! It's time to showcase:
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Whaletales is a small creative collective aiming to become a studio. We do 2d traditional and cut-out animation and develop projects. This means we can either do services in visual development, storyboarding, animation, and compositing or create content from scratch and develop the idea from script to screen.Β  Our members are Polina Miaeva (me), Vasiliy Krasnikov, and other talented animation artists from Russia. We have one award-winning short "KINGKILLS" and a bunch of other collaborations in our portfolio.

What challenges we meet and are looking to solve with this community help:

I'm still not sure how to describe our niche and how to make it work commercially. We do have some contacts who address us with job tasks directly, the main problem is that traditional animation is super expensive and has a very long production period.

Also, we are in great need of a producer. I mean a person who will not only plan things out, make tables and quotes, but also a person, who would be looking for clients, have a good contact network,Β  be in charge of marketing, apply for grants/festivals/ present out projects on markets, etc... This should be a nice person understanding our ethos and the main challenge for him would be to find money, so that we all get a salary. I may be naive to look for a person like that on the internet, but I have to try.

For now, I'm covering that role myself, but, being an artist and animator myself I would prefer focusing on direction and creative tasks. Time proved me to be an unseccessfull producer so far.

Here is also my personal compositing demo showing the making of our projects and my personal skills in compositing I can take as a freelancer.
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If anyone has ideas for us or wants to commission us a gig, contact me directly
or post a comment here!
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Hi everyone! I'm Polina Minaeva, an animation director from Moscow, Russia.Β 
Throughout last year, I've been researching how animation can become a sustainable business so that we could launch productions on our own with fellow creators.

I did Animation sans frontiers project development lab and participated in Cartoon springboard with a project of animated series. Before that I was working in the animation industry in Russia: did storyboards for an animated feature "Ginger's tale" and worked as an animator on several series for kids. Graduated from the University of cinematography as animation and digital media artist with animated short KingKills, which got a Vimeo stuff pick. Also studied at 3rd year at Gobelins animation and animated filmmaking course in Paris.Β Β 

I love 2d animation and nicely stylized visuals, enjoy telling stories and am super open internationally. My other passion is traveling so I wish we get over confinement someday!
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