Dominika Byś

3D Animation workflow for a client

Hey there!
In my small company, we are trying to figure out the best way to optimize the animation workflow so the clients will be happy. But it's sometimes hard to satisfy them! Can you, please, comment on our workflow? Maybe we should change something. Below you can see the timeline for a 40 seconds 3D animation, photorealistic quality, showcasing the cargo ship sailing on the ocean (with some machinery animations and nice close-ups). We have to remodel the ship, texture it, make the ocean, and the weather condition changes during the animation. In general, high-end animation, although short. What do you think about a timeline like this? In the end, it was too long for a client so we needed to shorten it. But it might cause some stress about the deadlines (no place for mistakes which is risky). And the price for it was 6550€ net. What do you think? Is it doable, too long, too short, too expensive, too cheap? I would love to know your opinions!

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