Animator, Designer, Illustrator, Art Teacher
I animate videos (specializing in food and food justice related topics, music videos, book trailers, game trailers), and illustrate children's books, board games, and infographics. I also try my best to live a low-carbon lifestyle.

Gamblin - From Field to Palette Animation

Hey all! I just finished this project after so so many delays over the course of two years (yes, I know - a looong time!).  I did the entire thing from start to finish, even oil painted some of the backgrounds, which felt appropriate for a video on how oil paint is made.  I love integrating traditional art mediums whenever possible.  Really enjoyed working on this, despite it going on a little longer than I'd hope.  It was fun to do something in a painterly, loose style like this.  

I also cold-emailed this company to get the gig, which is very rare for me.  I love the product the company makes, and even use their paint primarily in my own fine art, so it was a perfect fit. 😀
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Nice Horse - Cowgirl Music Video

Hey all, just thought I'd share this music video I made for a band in Alberta, Canada.  We didn't have a huge budget, so I couldn't integrate full animation, but it was fun to make some comic-style artwork and put some effects and camera moves in there.  Also, I found out that I much prefer drawing robots and fight scenes than people in offices! The video just reached 100k views recently, so that's really cool.  I did about half of the character artwork (previous artist was let go), all of the backgrounds, all of the effects, all of the camera moves, and all of the simple animations.

Here's the video: 

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Freelance Animator and Illustrator in east coast of Canada - Hello!

Hey all!

I joined this a while ago but forgot to do a hello, so I thought I'd say hello as others have. 

I'm an illustrator and animator, and I wear many hats... probably too many hats.  I get most of my work from an animation company near Toronto, and I'm their primary art director and designer, but I also regularly take on my own independent gigs such as illustrating children's book, board games, comics, etc.  I love storytelling in all its forms, and like many have expressed, I have a strong desire to lean towards the creative end of the spectrum rather than the technical.  I have done 3D animation in the past, mostly for my final film at Sheridan College but occasionally I will use it again in my animation contracts.  I'm also a fine artist and I teach a variety of art courses online too.  Yeah... the many hats thing is a blessing and a curse! Hard to get anything done.  I've been working on my next children's book for a couple of years now.  Sizzling nicely on the backburner.  I also occasionally sell prints of artwork to raise money for charity, this print raised $3,000 for charities supporting the Australian Bush Fire effort.  This felt great and I hope to do more of this in the future.

My philosophy towards my work is to lean towards beautiful / colourful imagery and storytelling rather than motion.  My primary boss usually sends the animation to a dedicated animator, but I can handle AE, Joysticks n Sliders, and am really interested to learn Moho.  However, I would love to find projects with budgets that allow for frame-by-frame animation, which is really limitless with what it can do, and for this I use TV Paint Animation Pro. 

With all of my illustration work, I have a range of styles, from cartoony to realistic, which I'll upload examples of below.  I work mostly digitally, but regularly take vacations back to the analog with trips to both oil paint and gouache, my first book was illustrated with gouache.  To be perfectly honest, I much prefer to work with imaginative - fantastical stories than explainer videos, but there is quite a demand for explainers! Our small studio hopes to gradually migrate more towards the entertainment industry, but how to do this is proving tricky, and I'd love to chat with others if they have any ideas or thoughts about this.  

Our highly-optimistic dream future studio and productions would  look something like Klaus, Ernest and Celestine, the work of Cartoon Saloon, or perhaps 2D games or TV series.  We are very open, but we know we want to move more in the direction of fantasy-based artwork.  

Anyway, that's my story! I'll post some of my different artistic styles below.  Thanks for reading!  Looking forward to speaking with you all.

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What is the environmental footprint of our industry tech?

Hey all! My first post in this community.  I'm curious if anyone else working in the animation industry feels bad about the technology that we all depend on to do our work.  Not the software, but the hardware.  I've had a very difficult time finding much data on the environmental footprint of mining the rare metals that is in our GPUs, CPUs, etc.  I try to think about the alternatives that would have been required historically, with something like Disney for example.  They would have needed a ton of paper, ink, and paint, so I'm hoping that today's lack of paper required to work in this industry is carbon positive, but I'm not sure.  I know these high-powered machines we use are quite bad in terms of their extraction especially.  

Does anyone have any ideas about this?
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