Gianni Nugoli

Animator 2D
Hi, I'm Cartoonist & Animator 2D.

Some questions if it was The Studio are only Online

Does it make sense to do an animation studio as a startup? What is the limit of collaborators you can have in a startup? since we work remotely ... how is the tax aspect managed? I mean ... everyone could live in a different country ... with different laws ... who to give taxes to ???

My Italia Uno

I am sharing with you an animated clip during the time I was attending the CAT intro Animation course. I did it during the night hours ... in two days. An Italian television channel had launched a contest (with an expiry date) where it would choose the best clips and I came to make one in an animated version. (Apparently I was the only one who in about 40 years of the channel's life thought about sending a cartoon ... everyone was just doing "video selfies") I didn't think much about Character Design ... I Were already different commitments and I did not want to waste my energy on the Course, so I hurried to put my idea into action immediately. I recorded my voice, made the background and frames of the character (inspired by me ... drawing the logo of the TV channel). I sent it at 4 in the morning ... after a few weeks they told me they could have it on the air and so it happened: they aired it several times, especially during the time of the Simpsons, between one episode and one other and it was a beautiful emotion.

I Made with Tahoma, Photoshop and Animation Paper. For the voice I used Telegram and my cell phone.

If you want to see the behind the scenes, just go to the following link (The audio is in Italian language)  : 
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Hi People!

Hi People, I'm a 2D Animator. How are you ? 
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