Dwayne Craig

CEO, Founder
Hey there, my name is Dwayne, I'm an author and I love animation. I am currently building my animation studio and look forward to learning from you all and sharing what I have learnt as well

Excited to be among other Animators I can learn from

Hi there, I'm Lemar and I only started the journey of learning animation January of this year. My previous job was in clinical health and fitness but after discovering genetic mutations in my heart and stomach that has given me a chronic ailment, I've turned my attention to animation.

My end goal is to create and advocate stories that inspire unity, self pride, and greatness through books and animation. 

What are some of your end goals? Is anyone here working in film or aspiring to as well?

Thank you for allowing me to be part of the community, I look forward to more conversations with you all.
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First Animation

Hey guys, So this is my first animation I ever made using after effects. I only started learning to draw and animate in January this year. However I want to get batter so any feedback is welcomed.

Thank you