Wes Murrell

Owner, Murrell Imagination
Hi everyone, I'm a Mid-America Emmy-winning animation director and video editor with seven years experience in TV and digital entertainment. I've branched out to start my own animation studio with a focus on heart, charm, character, and beauty.


Does anyone here use ToonBoom Harmony? I use After Effects (with plugins) and am happy with the results. But, if I'm honest, watching a tutorial on a new AE workflow feels like watching a tutorial for someone's clever workaround for something AE isn't really meant to do. I'm curious if ToonBoom is (generally) more intuitive once you get the hang?
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Upcoming 96-Hour Animation Challenge

There's a 96-hour, international animation challenge coming up this spring that you guys should look into! Below is one that I did with some friends last year.

(I've since rebranded it to use in the studio portfolio).

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