Dale Hayward

Animation Filmmaker, SeeCreature.ca
Hey! I love bringing things to life through stop motion. Owner and animator at See Creature. Teacher and Student at See Learn Academy

Hot Wheels Megadrome

Hey everyone, new here and loving what im seeing! I wanted to share our most recent stop motion project with you. It's a series of YouTube films for Hot Wheels and Mega Construx line of cars.


The production was intense, 5 episodes animated in 6 weeks during Covid. We had 3 studios in-house and hired a few remote animators in their small studios to make it all happen so quickly. We used previs for our animatics and skipped the storyboards which saved us a ton of time. The Drome was the "canvas" that we could decorate for the episode theme which made for set changes really fast.

We're right in the production depths on 3 more episodes now. Love to hear what you (and your kids) think.
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Hey! any other stop motion people?!

Hey everyone, excited to be a member! 
Quick intro: Dale Hayward, founder of See Creature Animation, a stop motion studio in Montreal Canada https://www.seecreature.ca/
& See Learn Academy, learn how to animate in stop motion https://www.see-learn.com/

Anyone else work in stop motion?
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