Alfie Dawes

Freelance Animator

Handy Hands Plugin

Hi all,

I've been working for a while on a plugin for animating characters hands. I've got a super simple v1 pretty much ready to go and hope to take it to market soon.

Here's my initial promo vid:
Hopefully you'll get a good idea of features from the video. It's got some customisability, and the hand rigs have a good range of pose-ability (without overcomplication). I see it being useful when you've got a simple character that needs to make specific hand gestures in a video, or just want to quickly add a bit of movement where there would otherwise be static hands.

It's not without it's limitations. Currently it only supports that flat filled style and can't rotate on the X axis (no pointing towards the camera). I'm potentially hoping to add more features like these to the plugin later, or come up with a v2 which will have more features.

I'd love to know if anyone has any thoughts on what they'd pay for a plugin like this, plus if there are any deal-breaking features that they'd prefer to see before purchase.
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2d animator and developer based in Brighton, UK

Hi all,

I'm a 2d animator and developer based in Brighton, UK who recently left an agency job to go freelance in the hope of taking on more animation work.

My expertise lie in 2d animation, rigging, personalisation and Lottie - so if anyone has any queries about those feel free to fire them over.
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